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1:1 Interview with Anna Villaroya, Founder & Designer of Grain Supply Co


Let Grain Supply Co splatter your outfits with a fun, sexy and colorful twist, and… just in case you forgot, the 1-1 Flash Round with Anna Villaroya, Founder and Designer of Grain Supply, is just about to start right now.

🎙 What is the coolest thing about being a designer?

– To me,  the best thing about having my own designs is the ability to tell stories through them. Every color, every pattern, and every cut is there for a reason, and being able to see how that meaning remains in the garments once they are completed is very fulfilling.

Also, seeing people’s enthusiasm to wear something you have designed is just amazing and very encouraging to keep creating.



🎙 Tell us one of your favorite places in Barcelona.

– Barcelona is a very cozy and interesting city with endless beautiful places. I particularly like walking around with no direction at all and getting lost in the city streets. This is definitely the best way to discovering the hidden gems that the city offers.

If I had to pick a specific place, now that the weather is just wonderful, I can’t think of any better plan than going to the beach! It would start with a nice bike ride along the beach promenade, followed by a generous lunch in a little terrace (which we call “xiringuitos”),  and ending the day with a with a sunset bath.



🎙 What about New York?

– I haven’t been to New York yet but it is definitely on my radar. I would love to see Times Square. It is such an explosion of light and color that amazes me!! I can picture myself there completely hypnotized admiring such great scenery.


🎙 Coffee, Tea or Gin&Tonic?

– Tea! To me the most inspiring moment of the day is during the morning. After a good breakfast and a cup of green tea is when I enjoy the most creating my designs.

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