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Meet Arrels, the upbeat shoes from Barcelona

     ➳ bringing together #artists, #colors, #fun and #Barcelona   Created in 2015 by cousins Javier and Pepe Llaudet, Arrels Barcelona creates attitude in the shape of shoes: “Arrels is waking up on the right side of the bed, stepping into the shoes of optimism and starting the day off with energy”. Hence its slogan Upbeat Shoes. The name Arrels, which means “roots” in Catalan, calls to the family’s past in the textile industry and defends a return to basics, a rediscovery of country life in light of the gray and dehumanising nature of urban landscapes.     Shoes with Senses A normal shoe can be seen and touched. Arrels shoes also have their own smell, created by perfumer Nasevo, and their own soundtrack, created...

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Aussie Start-up set to Disrupt Cotton Underwear Sector

#switchyourunderwear   Certified Organic and Fairtrade cotton underwear brand, Mighty Good Undies are set to disrupt the conventional chemical-laden underwear scene through their offering of quality mens and women’s basics underwear at affordable high street prices. The Mighty Good Undies brand is spearheaded by activist and ethical fashion designer Hannah Parris and Entrepreneur Elena Antoniou, and was inspired by the idea of creating a brand that engaged everyday consumers with the story of cotton whilst scaling up the demand for, and use of, Fairtrade and organic cotton.   https://youtu.be/SVTILN0fqC4   Hannah says “We wanted to create an accessible, ethical and organic cotton product that would act as a tool to disrupt the way people see, understand and buy conventional cotton and the mainstream fashion supply chain -- with...

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