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Meet Arrels, the upbeat shoes from Barcelona

     ➳ bringing together #artists, #colors, #fun and #Barcelona


Created in 2015 by cousins Javier and Pepe Llaudet, Arrels Barcelona creates attitude in the shape of shoes: “Arrels is waking up on the right side of the bed, stepping into the shoes of optimism and starting the day off with energy”. Hence its slogan Upbeat Shoes. The name Arrels, which means “roots” in Catalan, calls to the family’s past in the textile industry and defends a return to basics, a rediscovery of country life in light of the gray and dehumanising nature of urban landscapes.



Shoes with Senses

A normal shoe can be seen and touched. Arrels shoes also have their own smell, created by perfumer Nasevo, and their own soundtrack, created in collaboration with Neil Harbisson, cyborg artist and the brand’s ambassador. As such, each model has its own sonochromatic note, which is indicated next to its name. As Neil very well explains, “Before I wanted to look good; now I also want to sound good”.



One Foot in Fashion and Another in Art

Collaborating with artists, whether established or emerging ones, is at the heart and “sole” of Arrels Barcelona. In following the old saying “let the cobbler stick to his last”, Arrels is all about co-creating, and combines shoe design with other creative fields. From music and illustrations to photography or gastronomy.



From Barcelona to the World

Designed in Barcelona and 100% manufactured in Spain, Arrels wants to be a source of inspiration while infusing the world with its colors, joy, and natural creativity. The brand, which is barely two years old, is present in 3 continents and 50 retailers and has been featured in such international publications as Monocle Magazine.

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